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The theme of my art is life; life and its paths as shown in the Bible are interpreted and expressed based on my personal faith. My art deals with the essence and source of life as well as human nature and condition. It is about the relationship between God and each individual, with an inward focus. The process of receiving the new life that represents God as one’s own inner and personal life through faith, growing in it as a new being, and moving toward perfection is shown through my work. The process of transforming inner self – from old to new – and the life with a new self is represented based on specific Biblical passages. This is applied to my personal relationship with God and refers to my state of mind and what is happening there. It is also a process of finding my personal identity by seeking my true self through the Christian faith and applying it to reality. My art, in particular, focuses on how the complete control of the new self, even the deep self that I am not aware of, is achieved and affects my real life. This is based on the study of the Bible, centered on the Book of Romans, with the aid of Christian theology, existential philosophy, and analytical psychology. Spatial metaphors are used to represent the heart as a dwelling place where God resides as the new life. The inner state is reflected by the contents contained in wooden crates. I mainly use items that are around me, or daily necessities; I also enjoy working with the wooden materials, influenced by the wooden structures and lines of traditional Korean architecture, which I grew up with.

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