My art deals with the inner and personal life. It focuses on finding my individual and personal identity by seeking my true self through Christian faith. My work represents the state and things happening deep inside of my heart. It is about a journey of belief that shows the search, transition and transformation towards the new self, the true self, as a new being and its wholeness. Each work is based on specific Biblical passages that are interpreted and applied inwardly and personally in accordance with my faith and understanding. Spatial metaphors are used to represent my heart as a dwelling place and a temple, in which God resides as the new life in the inner core; through my art I express and visualize the new life that is the way, truth and the life, and my individual and personal relationship with it .In painting I create diagram-like art work by simplifying the shapes into geometric forms with an emphasis on lines to convey the essential meaning of life. In 3-D works, wooden crates and boxes filled with various objects are used to reflect my inner self - the state and condition of my heart that contains my nature, thoughts, emotions and memories. My work is inspired by the wooden lines and structure in traditional Korean architecture, which I grew up with.

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