The theme of my art is life; life and its paths as shown in the Bible are interpreted and expressed based on my personal faith. My art deals with the essence of life, human nature and the human condition. In particular, the new life that represents God as the inner and personal life is the main focus of my work.  My work represents the relationship between God and man as an individual, and it focuses on the inner side of each individual. It is about the journey of belief based on the Scripture that shows the process of the transformation of one’s inner self in the new life - from old self to new self, and then living as the new self in reality. This journey refers to the state of my heart and it applies to my own life - finding my personal identity by seeking my true self through Christian faith, and living by it. Each work is based on specific Biblical passages that have inspired me as I understand and believe. My artistic goal is to express and convey the new life within me based on the Scripture through my work. This allows me to share my personal and subjective belief universally and objectively; so that it may help viewers to examine their inner state and evaluate their stages in the Christian faith and move forward in life. In my painting, I create diagram-like artwork by reducing lines and simplifying shapes to convey the essential meaning of life. In three-dimensional work, spatial metaphors are used to represent the heart as a dwelling place where God resides as the new life. Small boxes, being filled with everyday objects, represent the state of mind and things happening in the heart: human nature, desires, thoughts, emotions and memories. My work is inspired by the wooden lines and structures of a traditional Korean architecture, which I grew up with.